Wife gets $900k from mansion sale

It is disappointing that the Ross house was sold for nearly $400,000 less than valuation.  It seems the investors lose money and get a poor deal at every turn.  With the lack of information we have been allowed to have it is impossible to assess if Jillian Ross is an innocent party, or as culpable as her husband.  The point I make in the article is that we dont even know if the Ross family (including Jillian) were significant investors in RAM and lost money like the rest of us.  At a guess we dont think this was the case.  So did the family know the business was a fraud?  And yet the family are still walking away with huge amounts of money.

Note that the government has just implemented legislation that holds beneficiaries partners jointly accountable for any welfare fraud and subsequent debt created because of dishonesty.  Paradoxically, such legislation is not applied to the partners of white collar criminals; otherwise Jillian Ross could have forfeited her million and the investors would be deservedly better off. Read Article