What is the FMA and what will they do?


Role & Purpose: The Financial Markets Authority enforces securities, financial reporting, and company law as they apply to financial services and securities markets.

We also regulate securities exchanges, financial advisers and brokers, trustees and issuers – including issuers of KiwiSaver and superannuation schemes. Shortly we will also regulate auditors.

Efficient financial markets are critical to achieving economic and social goals. They ensure investment finance reaches productive firms – helping them to grow, and create employment and wealth. Efficient financial markets also offer investors the opportunity to create diversified portfolios that can achieve their personal financial goals, including a comfortable retirement.

FMA’s role is not to direct investors’ capital or remove risk from investing. No regulator can prevent all loss. We can, however, promote investment markets that are fair, efficient and transparent. [ read more ]

What they do: The Financial Markets Authority’s main objective is to promote and facilitate the development of fair, efficient and transparent financial markets. [ read more ]